Friday, November 19, 2010

The Age Of Aging

Judul : The age of aging: how demographics are changing the global economy and our world / George Magnus
Pengarang : John Wiley & Sons (Asia)
Penerbit :
Tahun : 2009
Sinopsis :

The Age of Aging explores a unique phenomenon for mankind and, therefore, one that takes us into uncharted territory. Low birth rates and rising life expectancy are leading to rapid aging and a stagnation or fall in the number of people of working age in Western societies. Japan is in pole position but will be joined soon by other Western countries, and some emerging markets including China. The book examines the economic effects of aging, the main proposals for addressing the implications, and how aging societies will affect family and social structures, and the type of environment in which the baby-boomers' children will grow up. Governments and global institutions will have to take greater responsibilities to ensure that public policy responses are appropriate and measured. The challenges arising within aging societies, and the demographic contrasts between Western and developing countries make for a fractious world - one that is line with the much-debated 'decline of the West'.

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